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A week after getting rid Donadon , House approves end of the secret ballot

" A week after getting rid Donadon , House approves end of the secret ballot
By iG Sao Paulo | 03/09/2013 21:09 - Updated 03/09/2013 at 21:23

Unanimous approval is a response to the impact of poor decision that kept the mandate of the deputy, arrested in Brasilia , the text now goes to the Senate
The House of Representatives unanimously approved on Tuesday ( 3 ) in the second round , the Proposed Amendment to the Constitution ( PEC ) that ends with the secret ballot in all situations . There were 452 votes in favor. The text now goes to the Senate , which also need to be voted on in two shifts . The measure, if approved , applies not only to the House and Senate , but also for state assemblies and municipal councils .
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The approval is a response to the impact of poor decision rid of impeachment Rep. Nathan Donadon (no party- RO ) , sentenced to more than 13 years by the Supreme Court and jailed in Brasilia .
Agency Board / Disclosure
Unanimously , the House of Representatives approves end the secret ballot in all polls
Before the vote , the Mayor , Henrique Eduardo Alves said the PEC was a response to society after the maintenance of the parliamentary mandate . Alves said that in his 42 years as a congressman , saw no major damage to the image of the Parliament of the non- forfeiture of Donadon . The congressman was convicted of conspiracy and embezzlement by participating in diversion scheme of the Legislative Assembly of Rondônia .
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" In 42 years , I saw this house stand , crouch , to respect and be respected , but I can say without a doubt , I have not seen a greater harm to their story of what happened on the fateful night of last Wednesday . Do not want to accuse anyone, mea culpa goes for everyone, "said Alves . "Tonight builds a response that can not take . Parliamentary Let each assume your vote , your decision and your awareness on these issues ," he said .
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Ahmed stressed that it is time to give an answer " not only public opinion ," but also to voters . " It's good to popular pressure not generic , are our voters who elected us to have this attitude . Then mobilize the representative , is what we are doing . We are 7 years ( with the PEC 349 ) semi filed and today we are bringing back "celebrated

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