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ADI and prerogatives of State Attorneys - 2

"ADI and prerogatives of State Attorneys - 2
In conclusion, the Full Bench upheld the request for direct action to declare the
unconstitutionality of the expression "to carry a firearm, regardless of any formal act of license or permit" contained in Art. 88 of Complementary Law 240/2002, the State of Rio Grande do Norte.
The challenged rule provides for guarantees and prerogatives of the State Attorneys. At the sitting of 16.11.2005, the Plenary became the unconstitutionality of section I and § § 1 and 2 of article. 86, and sections V, VI, VIII and IX of art. 87 of said Law - v. Newsletter 409. In this setting, it was concluded the examination of the election for the remaining art. 88, authorizing the firearms to members of that career.
He asserted that if the Union was only empowered to legislate on private criminal matters, only she could provide for exemption rule firearms. In addition, the Justice Gilmar Mendes pointed out that the registration, possession and sale of firearms and ammunition would be disciplined in the Disarmament Statute (Law 10.826/2003). This law created the National Weapons System - Sinarm and transferred to various federal police duties hitherto performed by the Member States, with the aim of centralizing the matter in the federal. Mentioned earlier the Court the constitutionality of the Statute and the exclusive competence of the Union to authorize and supervise the production and trade of armaments (CF, art. 21, VI). Argued that, despite the special needs that some professions have the size functional weapon, impenderia dialogue in federal harvest. Precedents cited: ADI 3112/DF (DJe 26.10.2007); ADI 2035 MC / RJ (DJU 1st .8.2003); ADI 3258/RO (DJU 9.9.2005).
ADI 2729/RN, rel. orig. Min Luiz Fux, red. w / o judgment Justice Gilmar Mendes, 19/06/2013.
(ADI-2729) "
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