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"Ademar Rock is convicted of an act of misconduct

"Ademar Rock is convicted of an act of misconduct

The 3rd Court State Treasury of Victoria rejected the complaint of the State Prosecutor (MPE) and condemned, last April 21, the former Mayor of Victoria, Ademar Sebastião Rocha Lima and former chief financial officer of the Legislature Municipal, Adhemar Nunes Martins by act of administrative misconduct.
The two were convicted in the Public Civil Action No. 0041915-46.2009.8.08.0024 the full compensation of the damage caused to the exchequer of R $ 1,800, the loss of civil service, the suspension of political rights for five years, the payment of civil penalty in R $ 3.600, and the prohibition on contracting with the Government or receive tax benefits and incentives also for five years.
The sentence detailing the defendants are accused of approving and authorizing various allowances for social events held by associations between the years 2001 and 2004. During the events, rather than disclose the sponsorship as the Town Hall, the propaganda was made on behalf of Ademar Rock.
Grants were approved as follows: The presidents of formally requesting a stipend for the public agency. After the former Speaker of the House approve the request and then walked to the CFO Adhemar Martins, who determined the issue of purchase order.
The payments were made by check or through deposits in checking accounts of the beneficiaries. In 2004, the company Multi Communications was hired to broker the subsidies and to receive fees for transactions.
For the judge, Manoel Cruz Doval, was clearly proven irregularity in the use of public funds of the City Council Chamber of Victory. "From the statements above is able to ascertain the regularity with which the transfers were made for associations or entities, as well as the direct involvement of the President of the House along with the Chief Financial Officer for authorization and release values," he pondered.
This conviction is related to a grant awarded to Saint Rita of Cascia Parish, located in the district Praia do Canto, which called for support for the realization of the June Festival, held in June 2003.
But Ademar and Adhemar Rocha Martins were also condemned by administrative misconduct by awarding grants to associations in eight cases. Check Below:

Public Civil Action: 0042069-64.2009.8.08.0024
Public Civil Action: 0041925-90.2009.8.08.0024
Public Civil Action: 0042144-06.2009.8.08.0024
Public Civil Action: 0042074-86.2009.8.08.0024
Public Civil Action: 0042083-48.2009.8.08.0024
Public Civil Action: 0042140-66.2009.8.08.0024
Public Civil Action: 0003073-60.2010.8.08.0024
Public Civil Action: 0042078-26.2009.8.08.0024

Photo: César Inacio / TJES

Office of Communication of the TJES
May 2, 2013 "

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